To the tower of Caprona

Above the small village of Caprona, south of Calci looms a lone tower, the destination of our travels. To make things interesting, we first visit the idyllic village of Montemagno and pay a visit to the battlements atop Monte Verruca.

Unlike the last time we went to Monte Verruca, we will take a slightly more direct route, avoiding the steep climb.

Important information

Sat Februar 28, 2015
Meeting point and time
At 8:00 CET Palazzo d'Ancona for breakfast
Current forecast: slightly cloudy

Useful information

Estimated distance
Estimated duration
5-7h including breaks
CPT Bus from Porta Lucca to Calci, departing 8:40 CET 
Drink: 1-2 litres of water
Food: a fruit and small snack
Food: sandwich for picknick at lunchtime
Shoes: Optimally hiking boots, or any shoes with traction and durable soles
Clothes: Warm clothes, it might be colder and windier up in the mountains.