Walking through the park of San Rossore

The coastal woods of San Rossore, sprinkled with a myriad of ponds, are a place of peace and quiet, enjoyed by humans and mosquitoes alike. The park, with is a national reservation, is open to the public only on weekends. Apart from the Mediterranean plants, it is also possible to observe the local wildlife,including boars and foxes.

More information can be found on the parks website.

We will conclude our trip at the beach of Marina di Vecchiano,so bring your swimming suits.

For the way back, we take the bus.

Important information

Sat Juli 20, 2013
Meeting points and times
At 8:00 CEST in the Palazzo d'Ancona for breakfast
At 8:30 CEST in front of the Palazzo d'Ancona
According to the forecast, Saturday will be a hot day again.

Useful information

Estimated distance
red route: 22 km
blue route: 18 km
Estimated duration
4 hours
CPT Bus from Marina di Vecchiano to Pisa, departing 13:15 CEST, 18:15 CEST 
Drink: at least 1.5 litres per person
Food: for picknick as lunch
Shoes: Anything comfortable for long walking off roads.
Other: sun-cream