Hiking from Asciano to S. Maria

In a beautiful valley behind Asciano lies the hermitage Mirteti, now just a ruin. Crossing the path from the last hiking trip, we will explore the Monti Pisani slightly further to the North.

In order to avoid annoyances with the CPT bus schedules, the plan is to walk along the aquaeduct from Pisa to Asciano, then climb from there into the hills, cross the ridgeline separating Pisa and Lucca and descend towards S. Maria del Giudice, where we will take the well deserved bus home to Pisa.

Important information

Saturday May 4, 2013
Meeting point and time
At 8:00 CEST In front of the Palazzo d'Ancona
Current forecast says rain and wind on Sunday (again), but Saturday should be better.

Useful information

Estimated distance
7 km in the plain, plus 7 km through the mountains
Estimated elevation
600 m
Estimated duration
2 + 4 hours
VaiBus from San Maria del Giudice to Pisa, departing every two hours 
Shoes: hiking boots, or other solid shoes for rocky terrain.
Drink: at least 1 liter
Food: something for a picknick