From S. Maria del Giudice on the Moriglion di Penna

We take the bus from Pisa to S. Maria del Giudice, from where we climb the rocky hill north of the village. From there we move back southwest towards either Molina di Quosa or San Giuliano Terme, depending on time and weather.

We should have an excellent view of the central part of the Monti Pisani, and also towards Lucca and beyond.

The trip is cancelled. The forecast still predicts thunderstorms for tomorrow, plus I have too much work to do.

Important information

Sat October 3, 2015
Meeting points and times
At 8:30 CET Palazzo d'Ancona for breakfast
At 9:10 CET at the bus stop at Porta Lucca
Forecast predicts light rain, this should make things interesting.

Useful information

Estimated distance
Estimated duration
4-6h with breaks
  • VaiBus from Porta Lucca to S. Maria del Giudice, departing 9:16 CET 
  • Trenitalia Train from Molina di Quosa to Pisa San Rossore 
Drink: At least 1 litre of water
Food: something for a lunchtime picknick
Food: Some fruit or other snack
Shoes: Solid shoes suitable for walking on coarse gravel and possibly slightly muddy ground.
Clothes: Warm wind and rain proof clothes, dress following the onion principle.