Visiting Monte Verruca

We climb from Calci through the idyllic village of Montemagno to the Prato a Giovo. Once up there, we follow the ridgeline south and later westwards, until we reach the Monte Verruca, where we shall try to inspect the medieval fortifications.

After a lunch break, we descend the mountains towards Caprona, passing the tower dominating it, and finally return to Calci alongside a small river.

Important information

Sat June 7, 2014
Meeting points and times
At 8:00 CEST Palazzo d'Ancona for breakfast
At 8:30 CEST at the bus stop at Porta Lucca
Hopefully a bit cloudy in the morning, but it will get hot.

Useful information

Estimated distance
12-15 km
Estimated duration
4-6 hours hiking (but probably only 2 hours uphill)
  • CPT Bus from Porta Lucca to Calci, departing 8:39 CEST 
  • CPT Bus from Calci to Porta Lucca, departing 14:21, 15:24, 16:30, 18:25, 19:50 CEST 
Drink: at least 1.5 litres of water
Food: fruits and small snacks for reenergising
Food: something for the picknick at lunch time.
Shoes: Hiking boots, or running shoes. Or any other shoes with good traction and sufficiently thick soles.
Clothes: Long trousers, the path is partially rather well covered with foliage also of the prickly sort. A hat, if you have one.
Other: Suncream