Climbing on top of Monte Faeta

Getting off the bus right after the tunnel, we will approach the Monte Faeta from the West through the Pian della Conserva. From the Monte della Conserva, we tackle the mighty Faeta at 831m MSL from its steep side. After a lunch break on the top, climb back down towards the Verruchino, and Campo di Croce.

From there, we can either follow the long winding track down to the picturesque village of Tre Colli, and make our way to Calci in its nice valley.

Or we can go south, following the crests separating Agnano and Calci, passing Foce di Calci, and concluding our hiking with a steep descent right above Calci.

If we have enough time and strength left, we could also visit the Certosa di Calci.

Important information

Sat April 9, 2016
Meeting points and times
At 8:30 CET Palazzo d'Ancona for breakfast
At 9:10 CET at the bus stop at Porta Lucca
Current forecast (5. April) mentions light rain in the morning, this should not be a problem.

Useful information

Estimated distance
Estimated duration
Probably the whole day
  • VaiBus from Porta Lucca to S. Maria del Giudice, departing 9:17 CET 
  • CPT Bus from Calci to Pisa 
Drink: At least 2 litres of water
Food: something for a lunchtime picknick
Food: Some fruits and other snacks
Shoes: Solid shoes suitable for walking on coarse gravel and possibly slightly muddy ground.
Clothes: Warm wind and rain proof clothes, dress following the onion principle.