From Calci to Buti, again

Crossing the mountains from the Certosa di Calci, passing the village of Montemagno, we aim to explore the valleys descending to Buti, where we shall arrive in the afternoon.

Important information

Sat May 21, 2016
Meeting points and times
At 8:00 CEST Palazzo d'Ancono for breakfast
At 8:35 CEST at the bus stop at Porta Lucca
The forecast promises cloudless, sunny weather.

Useful information

Estimated distance
10-15 km
Estimated duration
4-5 hours hiking, and probably 1 hour to get back to Pisa
  • CPT Bus from Porta Lucca to Tre Colli, departing 8:39 CEST 
  • CPT Bus from Buti to Pontedera, departing 13:27, 14:45, 17:42, 18:02 CEST 
  • Trenitalia Train from Pontedera to Pisa 
Drink: about 2 litres of water
Food: some fruits, something for a lunch break
Shoes: Hiking boots if available, or other good shoes suitable for slightly rocky or muddy terrain
Clothes: Long trousers might be advisable despite the warm weather, some trails are very narrow and lined with bushes and thorns on occasion.