Mathematics in Basel


From fall 2006 until summer 2012 I was enrolled as an undergraduate math student at the University of Basel, Switzerland. In 2009 I obtained a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics), and in 2012 a Master of Science (Mathematics).

Master thesis

For my master thesis, I studied the connection between the polynomial Pell equation, certain elementary integrable algebraic functions, continued fractions of Laurent series and torsion points on elliptic curves. I do not believe I found any significant new results.

I used an axiomatic approach to study polynomial continued fractions, in the hope this would cover also other types of continued fractions. Alas no, it turned out the axioms I used characterised precisely polynomials.


From Spring 2009 to Fall 2011 (for three years exactly) I worked as an assistant tutor at the Math department. That was mostly fun, although grading was rather exhausting sometimes.

I held exercise sessions for the following lectures: